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C3000 Large Diaphragm

Even among pros, there are times when your talent exceeds your budget. Thatís why AKG created the new C3000. It has the warmth, clarity and character of the most popular AKG studio mic in the world (the C414) at about half the price. In fact, when you hear it youíll be amazed what a large, gold-coated diaphragm will do for your sound. The C3000 gives you all the quality of an AKG without having to pretend itís an AKG. It is.

C535EB Condenser Vocal Mic

This professional filter helps to reduce those explosive breath sounds during recording sessions.
Transducer: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -43 dBV
Powering: Phantom 9 to 52 volts
Special Features:
Internal four-position switch for level change and bass-cut and roll-off.Designed for vocalists onstage and in the studio. Bottom end boost in the C535EB response adds thickness and depth to vocals.

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