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48/24 Channel Dual Input 8-Bus Mixing Console
Main Features
  • 48 Input Channels, all with Dedicated EQ, Mute, Pan and Level

  • 8 Triple-Bused Subgroups

  • Channel, Subgroup and Mix Insert Points and Direct Outputs

  • 24 balanced Tape Ins and Outs, switchable -+4 dBu/-10 dBV

  • 4 band EQ on main channels, with sweep range 50 Hz - 20 kHz!

  • 6 Aux Sends, switchable Pre/Post and A/B channel

  • 6 Stereo Aux Returns with extensive routing

  • Solo-In-Place and Pre-Fader Listen

  • Extensive Monitoring and Talkback options, including 2 Headphones mixes

  • At least +15 dB gain available on all Sends and Returns

  • Universal Expander Port links to any other console

  • 24-channel Meter Bridge and CYBERMIX mute/fader Automation options

  • Rugged construction throughout for reliability under duress

  • Ultra-low noise, due to Behringer Audio Tuning

  • Highest quality discrete balanced mic inputs (+48 V)

  • Faders are 100 mm Panasonic sealed units with true logarithmic taper

  • Massive 400W Power Supply ensures impeccable transient response

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